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Why Doesn’t My Disruptor Fit On My EOD Robot? 

Why Doesn’t My Disruptor Fit On My EOD Robot?   There are many differentRead More

Do you need to deploy Alford user filled explosives from your robot? 

Zeus, the first EOD robot to have an Alford Charge Deployment System. User filledRead More

Are You Buying Duplicate Firing Systems For Your EOD Robot? 

The last thing you need when you buy an EOD robot is another firingRead More

What Do You Do When Your EOD Robot Gets Stuck? 

So, your EOD robot is on task and it’s got stuck. Now what? YouRead More

Download ZEUS Technical Specification 


ZEUS, The Ultimate Modular Bomb Disposal Robot 

NIC Instruments LTD & Student on ZEUS Collaboration 

NIC Instruments LTD is pleased to announce the successful completion of an A-level workRead More

ZEUS UGV – The 3 Benefits of Modularity 

EOD remote tasks may have many problems, but is there a UGV that canRead More

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ZEUS Robot – Image Gallery 

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