What Do You Do When Your EOD Robot Gets Stuck? 

So, your EOD robot is on task and it’s got stuck. Now what? You are going to have to send a person down to not only deal with the suspect area you were working in but to recover your robot as well. Even worse, since your robot can’t access the task, you are going to have to do it yourself.

You need to be sure your EOD robot can handle a wide range of terrains and difficult to reach areas. No area must be inaccessible to your robot. Zeus can tackle a wide range of terrains, both indoors (such as commercial, domestic and public buildings) and outdoors. Transport links such as buses, trains and aeroplanes present no problems, utilising the front and rear articulating track modules (ATM). Not only do they improve obstacle and stair climbing, but they allow you to descend stairs in a more controlled manner than any other robot. This whole new concept in climbing gives unparalleled stability and control whilst climbing.

EOD ROBOT /Bomb Disposal Robot / ROV / UGV by NIC Ltd

Stability on stairs is crucial if you are carrying live weapons or expensive CBRNe sensors.

EOD ROBOT /Bomb Disposal Robot / ROV / UGV by NIC Ltd

When inside restricted spaces such as aeroplanes and trains, you will need to manoeuvre easily, navigating twisting and narrow passageways. The ability to fold in the articulating track modules allows Zeus to become very short. In addition, track throwing in hot weather is eliminated with the aramid reinforced rubber tracks.

EOD ROBOT /Bomb Disposal Robot / ROV / UGV by NIC Ltd EOD ROBOT /Bomb Disposal Robot / ROV / UGV by NIC Ltd

Even the controller can be easily moved around as it is mounted in a lightweight backpack, allowing the operator to move to the optimum position when working quickly.

ZEUS Dismounted OCU

If you don’t want to get stuck choosing the best EOD robot, chose ZEUS the ultimate robot for EOD, C IED and CBRNe remote operations.

EOD ROBOT /Bomb Disposal Robot / ROV / UGV by NIC Ltd

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