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ZEUS Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV, ROV) 


ZEUS has been designed for the EOD and SWAT community to deal with a range of scenarios from simple reconnaissance to full scale EOD render safe procedures. The highly modular design allows the UGV to be configured from a lightweight simple UGV to a fully capable EOD UGV. This ability to configure ‘in field’ gives maximum capability with minimum equipment.No longer will teams use multiple UGVs, now all those roles can be fulfilled with 1 platform. Now they have the strength and capability of heavier UGV, but with all the advantages of a lightweight UGV.
The modular design also allows operators to repair ‘in field’. Should part of the UGV be damaged in action, there is no longer any need to send the entire unit back to a workshop for repair. By simply replacing the damaged part via the quick release modular construction, the UGV can be back up and running in minutes. A third benefit of the modular design is the ability to strip down the unit within minutes into 2 smaller backpack packages. This ease of transportation brings a whole new capability to dismounted teams.
So, how can so much capability be achieved in such a simple design? ZEUS hasn’t been designed by a committee. ZEUS hasn’t been designed to be made to a budget to maximise sales.ZEUS has been designed by world class leading engineers, totally focused on delivering the capability required by the EOD community.
Visit the Features Summary page to explore the capability in more detail.
First Responder UGV CBRNE By completely integrating the design process with the manufacturing process, immense design achievement can be made at a fraction of the cost of tradition design and manufacture. NIC Instruments LTD has world leading design and manufacturing capability that is 100% focused on producing products for the EOD community. Utilising materials including aluminium, titanium and stainless steel and optimising the design for these materials through advanced design software, NIC Instruments Ltd have been able to reduce the weight of ZEUS down to 42kg maximum, whilst not reducing capability.