Thai police find four ‘live’ grenades in parcel 

Thai police yesterday found four M67 grenades inside a parcel that was returned to a private courier service shop in Bangkok’s Bang Khen district, the latest in a series of security incidents in the Thai capital.

Staff members of the Kerry Express office alerted the police after they found suspicious-looking objects inside an unclaimed parcel.

Police dispatched an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team to the shop and found the grenades wrapped in black plastic tape inside the box. The grenades were “live” and had a kill zone of 5m and casualty radius of up to 15m.

Police said they will locate and call in the sender for questioning.

The incident comes two days after a pipe bomb was found in an overgrown lot behind the Thailand Cultural Centre subway station.

The pipe bomb, measuring 20.3cm long and 7.6cm wide, was packed with 220g of low-pressure explosives and found inside a basket together with an assortment of cut metal, screws and nails.

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