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ZEUS UGV – Full Life Support 


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Not only do you need a system that is robust and reliable with a high level of availability during use, but you need a system that can be supported when things do go wrong. And you need to know that the support will last for the lifetime of your UGV.

You want to shift more of your second line maintenance to first line maintenance, which means allowing your operators to do as much servicing and repairs as possible in field conditions, to avoid having to return the UGV to a workshop and having skilled and trained repair technicians. Zeus’s modular design has been developed with exactly this concept in mind. Zeus can be stripped down to its various modules in minutes, and the faulty module quickly replaced, without the need for specialist tools or knowledge.

You also do not want to spend excessive time on preventive maintenance, and Zeus supports you here as well. User preventive maintenance is literally reduced to simply keeping the UGV clean, checking tracks, maintaining batteries and checking all functions are operating correctly.

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You may bring in a new or upgraded capability and need to be sure that your UGV is future proofed to be able to accept these new systems. Zeus’ modular design has growth potential for future improvements, for example integration of new techniques or devices; upgrades or integration of new software without a negative impact on safety, performance, functionality or lifetime.

In addition software and firmware upgrades on both the OCU and UGV platform itself can be installed by UGV operators or by an NIC Instruments technician via the internet.

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Lifetime Support

You need to be sure that your UGV will be supported during its entire life. NIC Instruments operates a 10 year support plan and we will guarantee that your UGV will remain operable for that period. A range of annual maintenance packages are available to ensure you maximise the potential of your UGV. Please contact us for more details on maintenance support.

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End of Life and Disposal

And finally, after a lifetime of service, when your UGV must be replaced you need to be assured that it can be disposed of safely, legally and with a minimum impact to the environment. Disposal can be carried out in accordance with local guidelines such as the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling (WEEE) or you can take advantage of NIC Instrument’s ‘Take Back Policy’. NIC Instruments will take back any product of its manufacture and dispose of it safely and legally with no costs to the customer.


Zeus is delivered with a standard 12 month warranty. Other warranty options exist, please contact us for more details.

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