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In 1946 two brothers, Walter and Albert Wisbey, started two businesses as sub-contract surgical instrument makers. These 2 businesses then amalgamated to become NIC Instruments in 1955.

During the fifties, the company developed a range of visual inspection equipment, based on modified medical devices. These small visual inspection probes developed into a range of larger inspection equipment, used to search for suspect devices.

In 1972, the company moved to its current site of 1000 square metres, expanding its manufacturing capability to meet the increasing demand for anti-terrorist equipment which also included developing the first hook and line systems.

Today NIC is a world class design and manufacturing company, utilising the very latest in production techniques. Working with Military and Government end users around the world, new products are regularly introduced and with close control over manufacture, prices are extremely competitive. All design and manufacture is carried out in the UK.

Latest products include a modular unmanned ground vehicle that has been designed to meet the wide ranging demands of different teams from demining to IEDD. With a commitment to British manufacture and high quality, you may be assured that the success you need to achieve may be exceeded with the use of NIC Instrument’s equipment.

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