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NIC have developed a range of equipment designed to help you defeat the IED threat. Designed and manufactured entirely in the United Kingdom, NIC Instruments works with military and government bodies worldwide involved in safe and peace keeping operations to bring you high quality equipment at realistic prices in today’s financially restrained times.

In addition to equipment for EOD and C-IED tasks, NIC Instruments also manufactures a range of equipment to deal with conventional explosive ordnance disposal tasks and legacy minefields.

NIC offer a range of search solutions for high threat search tasks, and a Minefield Extraction Kit in both personal and vehicle based options.

Operational and Tactical training on a complete range of products, both NIC and others is also available to backup our equipment supply.

According to UN Statistics, 78 out of the 198 countries around the world are polluted with landmines, and NIC Instruments supports organisations tasked to help clear these areas. Working with many governments as well as charitable organisations, our equipment is not only used to clear the areas but plays a vital role in protecting personnel involved in the clearing process.

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