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EOD/IEDD Systems 

NIC Instruments manufacture a range of equipment to support your EOD/IEDD tasks:


Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV, ROV, Robot)

  • ZEUS is a new lightweight modular CIED and EOD Robot that may be configured to suit specific missions and is easily field repaired.

Hook & Line Systems

  • Hook and line is a semi remote line rigging systems, that allows tasks, such as gaining access to vehicles and buildings, to be carried out at a safe distance of typically 100m.

Backpack Carrying System

  • The backpack carrying system is a modular system of carrying pouches, packs and accessories that can be specifically tailored to suit your requirements.

Dismounted Modular EOD Backpack System

  • The dismounted EOD backpack system is a single backpack containing all essential tools to carry out lightweight IEDD/EOD operations.

NIC Carbon Fibre Telescopic Manipulator

  • The manipulator is a remote operated claw, allowing operators to work at a standoff distance of 3m.

Drag Hook Command Wire Finder

  • Drag hooks help search for hidden or buried command wires. They may be extended upto 3m in length and close down for easy transportation.
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