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Heavy Duty Operations Equipment 

Used for moving vehicles and objects in excess of 500kg.


Heavy Duty Hook and Line Kit

  • Part Number SE000900
  • NATO stock number 1385-99-464-1274
  • A heavy-duty kit for moving vehicles or heavy suspect objects. The kit contains a range of rated slings and heavy duty snatch blocks. Supplied in a rigid carrying case.
Picture 301

Normal/Heavy Duty Tripod

  • Part Number HL000200
  • NATO stock number 3950-99-666-7375
  • A strong tripod, specifically designed for EOD applications. The head is extruded for strength, and the unit is fitted with an integral pulley. Fitted with snap out legs for quick and positive deployment. The legs may be extended to different lengths to cope with sloping ground. The feet swivel, again assisting when working on uneven ground and may also be anchored with ground pegs (supplied).
  • A webbing strap is also provided, which may be passed around the feet to prevent the unit collapsing under load.
  • The feet are fitted with eyes, so that an extra pulley may be positioned to improve loading. Supplied in a cordura carrying bag.
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