Original Series Equipment 

These kits have formed the backbone of NIC’s Hook and Line range for many years, and still remain in production.


Standard Hook & Line Kit 1st Generation

  • Part Number SE001900
  • NATO stock number 1385-99-284-2840
  • The original Hook & Line kit, and still widely used throughout the world. The Standard 1st Generation offers a minimum capability to carry out basic Hook & Line procedures.
SE002300 unpacked

Standard Vehicle Entry Hook & Line Kit 2nd Generation

  • Part Number SE002300
  • NATO stock number 1385-99-787-3640
  • An extended kit with a range of self gripping tools and extra ropes for more complicated applications. The range of suction pads make this an especially useful kit when working on vehicles, as these will securely attach themselves to bodywork or glass. The kit comes complete with 2 separate colour coded reels.
SE002400 unpacked

Standard Urban Hook & Line Kit 4th Generation

  • Part Number SE002400
  • NATO stock number 1385-99-665-5985
  • An extended range with tools specifically designed for use in buildings. Snatch blocks designed to open automatically allow suspect devices to be taken along more complex routes, and the doorway anchors allow equipment to be supported across doorways. Supplied in a rigid carrying case.

Comprehensive Hook & Line Kit

  • Part Number HL009800
  • NATO stock number 6665-99-269-1911
  • Bringing together all the functional ability of the 2nd generation and 4th generation kits, this comprehensive kit has all the necessary tools to carry out hook and line procedures in buildings and on vehicles. Twin colour coded reels are included Supplied in a rigid carrying case.
HL009700 unpacked

Alpha Vehicle Entry Accessory Kit

  • Part Number HL009700
  • NATO stock number 1385-99-724-3683
  • The NIC Hook and Line system offers a flexible way to achieve almost any movement of a remote object, whether a vehicle door or suspect device. Skilled and experienced operators can achieve outstanding results with just a simple set of tools. However, in order to reduce rigging time whilst in the operational danger area, NIC have developed a range of tools to operate vehicle and building doors, operate locks and shatter windows. NIC were the first company to develop such tools in the late 1980s and this latest generation of entry tools builds on the results of those first systems. The operational use of this kit may be maximised with the use of the second generation hook and line kit, part number SE002300.
HL009100 unpacked

Alpha 2 Building & Vehicle Entry Accessory Kit

  • Part Number HL009100
  • NATO stock number 5180-99-215-6970
  • A kit containing the complete set of entry tools and essential accessories. This kit has been specifically compiled to offer a complete solution to all access requirements during hook and line procedures. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the NIC Standard Vehicle entry Hook and Line Kit, 2nd generation, Part No: SE002300. Tools are available for opening a variety of building and vehicle doors. In addition, the diamond tipped window breaker offers a non explosive method of shattering vehicle windows. This offers a method of entry if the vehicle is locked, and no key is available. Accessories include sticky eyes, an effective fast and strong method of creating an anchoring eye to flat surfaces. These are significantly more reliable than suction cups. The NIC roller karabiner offers a pulley integrated with the karabiner. This drastically reduces the effects of friction on the rope when the karabiner is used as a change of direction. Supplied in a rigid carrying case.

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