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Search Kits 



Mirror Search Kit

  • Part Number SE008900
  • NATO stock number 1385-99-731-6457
  • A complete range of search mirrors and arms.
  • Allows a range of general search tasks to be carried out in full.

HAWK Search Kit

  • Part Number SE002900
  • NATO stock number 1385-99-398-2286
  • The NIC ‘Hawk’ Search Kit has been designed and developed by a serving senior UK EOD operator and NIC Instruments; innovators in search equipment. All the search tools have under gone rigorous testing, and are already in use by National Armies, Police squads and other units involved with safe keeping operations.
  • Designed as a single backpack, to be used by 2 man search teams, ‘Hawk’ provides significant capability whilst minimizing weight and bulk. Additional space is available in the backpack for teams to enhance the contents with their own equipment.
  • The modular design of the ‘Hawk’ system allows the contents to be adapted to suit different scenarios. NIC are able to advise on enhancing the capability, or even reducing the capability depending on the role. The modular design allows users to specify their own equipment, in order to maintain compatibility with existing in-service equipment.

The ‘Hawk’ offers capability in the following areas:

    • Reconnaissance and survey.
    • Search and location.
    • Access.
    • Identification and diagnosis.
    • Hook & Line.

Key features of the Hawk Search System include the following:

    • Innovative lightweight hook and line system.
    • Advanced metal detection.
    • Advanced take down mine prodder.
    • Search equipment.
    • Modular construction.

Available in the following colours:

    • Military olive drab,
    • Counterterrorism black,
    • NGO bright orange.

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Endoscope kit

Endoscope Kit

  • Part Number SE009900
  • NATO stock number 6665-99-595-5282
  • Fixed side viewing rigid endoscope, designed to inspect wall cavities, ventilation ducts and suspect packages,
  • Illuminated by a powerful halogen lamp.
  • Rechargeable power pack and battery charger, both included.
  • Complete in foam lined case.
 Endoscope Search Kit

Endoscope Search Kit

  • Part Number SE009800
  • NATO stock number 6665-99-317-5218
  • A compact kit designed to aid the search of cars, buildings and vessels.
  • Contents as per Endoscope Kit, but also includes a range of search arms and mirrors.
  • Complete in foam lined case with spare lamps.

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