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Great ideas will always remain great ideas unless someone can articulate them into reality. And so it is with the EOD/CBRNe community as well as any other.

Your ideas, thoughts, plans and processes need translating into the tools to do the job, and this is where NIC Instruments’ true strength lies.

Utilising the very latest, and most advanced manufacturing systems, NIC Instruments is able to design and produce high quality equipment at realistic prices in today’s financially constrained markets.
The very advanced, but extremely flexible manufacturing systems not only allow for rapid development but also allow you to request changes and modifications to be implemented with great speed.

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Extensive testing of the systems is carried out within our own bespoke EOD testing and evaluations suite, and results of production testing data are stored long term. Only in this way can you be assured of equipment that will stand the test of time.
NIC Instruments is registered ISO 9001, and all equipment is designed, tested and manufactured in our own facilities in the United Kingdom.

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Safety Factors

Safety is paramount for your operators and has been considered at all stages of Zeus’ design. Careful analysis of potential risks to operators have been analysed and reduced to a minimum. This includes factors such as sharp edges that could cut protective clothing, a critical aspect in a CBRNe role, and a low operating voltage of 24V eliminating the risk of electrical shock.

A physical emergency stop is fitted to the CIED and EOD robot and it is also possible to send an emergency stop signal from the OCU to the CIED and EOD robot which will instantly immobilise the CIED and EOD robot by physically disconnecting the batteries. And should there be a loss of contact between the OCU and the CIED and EOD robot, the CIED and EOD robot is immediately immobilised reassuring you that it will not continue to move in an uncontrolled manner. Immediately communications is re-established, control of the CIED and EOD robot is regained. Contact us for more details on the safety analysis of Zeus.

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